From our apples to your plate

The passion for apples and the enthusiasm to offer healthy fruit products is what drives the Verger – Les Cultures Duhaime. The Duhaime family has lived by the rhythm of their orchard and vegetable crops for several decades.

The 25 varieties of apples are the inspiration for the many transformation products offered by Verger & Cultures Duhaime.

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The art of blending flavors !

Gift sets, Duhaime Caramel, Duhaime Nature, Duhaime Deluxe, Duhaime Cheese.

All our products are made with 100% natural ingredients and fruits. Very low in calories and with a touch of pure maple syrup. Also, NO preservatives, coloring or artificial flavors are added.

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Our Duhaime Gourmet products

Spreads of the highest quality 100% fruit, made by enthusiasts from products from our orchard.

green orchard


Constantly developing quality products from apples from our orchard


The development of the apple in the heart of a passion transmitted from father to son since 1945


Watering and insect control methods that respect the environment


Farmers who invest in the Drummondville area where the orchard is located