• Pick your own apples (contact us to know more about the varieties available)

  • Playground and picnic

  • Tent with entertainment

  • Tractor rides

  • Tasting of our products

  • Picking of a ear of corn or a decorative miniature pumpkin

  • Site reservation for groups and special events

Apple and Pumpkin animation available for CPE and primary schools from September to mid-October.

The activity includes :

  • Tractor ride to go pick your own apples
  • Bag 3-4lbs of apples
  • Educational animation or rally depending on age group
  • Gift of the orchard: a bag to pick apples whitch changes into a backpack

All are accompanied by costumed animators.

Use our spreads for Fundraising Campaigns! For more information: 1-819-395-2433.

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